By Joshua Mutale-EWAD staff.

Environmental Women in Action for Development (EWAD) is implementing the Work: No Child Business (WNCB) project in Busia District since May 2021 in partnership with Hivos, Save the Children, and Uganda National Teachers Union (UNATU), Nascent Research and Development Organization (Nascent RDO). The programme aims at ensuring that children and youth are free from child labour and enjoy their rights to quality education and (future) decent work thereby contributing to SDG 8.7.

In North-Eastern Uganda (Karamoja region), Save the Children, UNATU and Nascent RDO are implementing a similar programme in the communities of Nakapiripirit, and Moroto Districts. In line with the partnership plans, EWAD has implemented a series of project activities towards achieving child labour free zones in Busia district with the support of all stakeholders.

Through this project, we are empowering children to pursue education and (future) employability within a supportive family and community environment. This will be achieved through increased enrolment and retention of children in the quality formal education system or through relevant bridge schooling and improved access to youth employment. We are also working closely with the Government of Uganda to enforce relevant child rights based laws and implement policies on child labour, education, Youth economic empowerment and social security. This we trust will trigger the private sector takes full responsibility for preventing and addressing child labour.

In September 2021, EWAD adopted community based vocational training for youths as one of the impactful models to end child labour in the border district of Busia which is prone to child labour. Currently, the EWAD skilling centre has attracted 54 children/youths at the EWAD Skills Development Centre, Tiira, Busia (34 male and 20 female). The courses offered are Tailoring, catering, hairdressing, and carpentry.

EWAD executive Director Margaret Tuhumwire explains that many children formerly working in the mines have now found an alternative to train in skills that will lead to descent sustainable livelihoods.

EWAD is committed to pursuing all avenues to end child labour in Busia district. Special thanks to our partners HIVOS.