About Us

About us

Environmental Women in Action for Development, EWAD (previously the Entebbe Women’s Association, EWA), is a non-governmental organization based in Entebbe, Uganda, that provides support to impoverished local communities irrespective of religious, political, gender and racial affiliations.

Since 2002, over 400 orphans and other vulnerable children have been given access to education through EWAD’s Child Sponsorship Programme.

Beginning in 2006, dozens of environmental and women’s rights projects have been implemented through EWAD’s Integrated Community Environmental Conservation Projects (ICE-COP).

On-going projects include the construction of an Orphanage Home that will house up to 50 children during the school holidays. Recently, EWAD expanded to include a second-hand Charity Shop, with all proceeds going towards the Child Sponsorship program

Our Mission

“To empower poor women, children and youth to overcome poverty and vulnerability through education, life skills development and enhanced access to other resources for social and economic development.”

Our Vision

To see Uganda being free of poverty and disease, with democracies who embrace the voices of those that are under represented, thus allowing their human rights to be respected, protected, and fulfilled.  

Primary Objective

To rally support behind the most vulnerable of communities who include youth, children, women and people living with HIV/AIDS, to help them improve their quality of life, while they appreciate and protect their environment for sustainable development

Become a Proud Volunteer

Volunteers are important to our work, without them we couldn’t do what we do. We value volunteers, their time and respect the passion that draws them to the work that we do. If you are thinking of joining us.

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