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“Studying changes your way of emotional thinking, it raises your intellectual capability and creates awareness for your environment. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I hadn’t studied. Now I am able to do anything on my own and don’t have to rely on other people anymore.”
Philipo Wa Rwabureeba. Employee EWAD
"There are so many dreamers but only a few achievers. I am one of those who achieved the goal! through EWAD. " our second graduate under EWAD's Child Support Program.
Dr. Apio Priscilla Doctor
I first heard about EWAD in 2012 when it was ECWA by then I was in primary 6 when they helped to construct a 3 classroom building at Namayumba C/U primary school where I was studying from. I appreciate the work done in our community the building is still benefiting the community up to now.
Nsereko Jackson Software developer.