Mercury Free Gold Mining

Advocating for Mercury Free Gold Minin

EWAD introduced a new equipment in Gold mining using the "Gold Catcher"
This came with a number of benefits.
Increase the rate of gold extraction from 50%-60% to range of 80%-95%.
Eliminated water contamination and pollution from Mercury as the new method is mercury free.
Reduced rate of child labour.

Our Impact Report explains the benefits of Gold Kacha

The District Chairman, Busia District launched a first of its kind in Uganda, “Gold Kacha” machine in Syanyonja, Busitema sub-county, Busia district. The machine was fundraised for by a Fairtrade Goldteam headed by Greg Valerio.

“This Machine, the way we see how it works, it will help us to solve the problem of child labour because it does all the work that people were employing children to do in their mines.” Narrated Obbo Peter, an Artisanal miner.

Why Gold Kacha

The Gold Kacha machine is meant to bring the miners closer to production of “Ecological gold,” which is gold that has been mined responsibly and produced without use of toxins like Mercury or Cyanide. The first phase of this equipment consits of 2 peices of machinery, which essentially speed up a process that would normally take hours and reduce it to less than 10 minutes and improves gold recovery by over 20% compared to the rudimentary methods that Miners have been using for years. The next phase, when introduced, will encompass all processes and miners will recover more than 90% of gold from their ore, on top of what can be recovered with rudimentary methods and the best news is, it will totally eliminate the use of mercury when used.

Community sensitization & empowerment.

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