School construction project

As of  26th July 2019, EWAD has begun construction of a third school, located in the under-served community of Bugiri. Situated on the outskirts of Entebbe, this school, the EWAD Integrated Primary School, aims to open its doors in the first term of 2020. With funding brought forth by Rotary International, the school currently has three classrooms, which plan to serve grades P1 to P3. In a further bid to support these students, cassava, jack fruit, and matooke plants grow on the school’s property and will be used to feed the students. While growing EWAD’s own produce is not only financially beneficial, as it reduces costs that would otherwise go into purchasing processed and outsourced food, it is also environmentally beneficial. This is due to the fact that produce would not need to be delivered to the school, thus reducing their carbon footprint, by limiting vehicular emissions. And while this school is a major accomplishment and will significantly reduce the distance walked by these young children, while giving educational funding to many who may not have had the opportunity, more funds are still needed to be able to serve higher grades, through the addition of more classrooms. As completion of the EWAD Integrated Primary Schools draws closer, EWAD also plans to plant more produce, including vegetables, in an attempt to diversify and incorporate more nutrients into the children’s diets.